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With the surprise arrival of Marc Bulger in Baltimore on Wednesday the Ravens get a new backup quarterback
And now we can discuss which teams have the worst situations at backup quarterback? Let's take a look
The Worst

1. Indianapolis Colts. Aside from Peyton Manning, the Colts have four quarterbacks on the roster. And they'd better hope that none of them ever has to take a snap in a game that counts.
Curtis Painter impressed no one during his garbage-time duty in 2009, and no one expects anything from Tom Brandstater, Drew Willy, and Tim Hiller.
So if Peyton goes down, it's pretty much over in Indy. Instantly.
2. New Orleans Saints. The same can be said in New Orleans. Mark Brunell became a free agent, and he reportedly plans to sign with the Jets in late July. And the backups currently are Chase Daniel, who has never played in a regular-season game, and Sean Canfield.
But they may have a secret weapon in former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus.
In other words, if Drew Brees goes down, it's pretty much over for the Saints.
3. Chicago Bears. Behind Jay Cutler, the Bears have no one. They could have had Marc Bulger, but they have opted to stand pat with Caleb Hanie and rookie Dan LeFevour.
Now that Bulger, whose knowledge of offensive coordinator Mike Martz's system could have put the former Rams starter in position to bump Cutler to the bench if the team gets off to a slow start, has picked the Ravens, the Bears are free to sign a veteran backup without facing relentless questions regarding the omission of Bulger from the search process.
The only problem? There really aren't any available veterans who can get the job done if Cutler can't — or if something on him breaks.
4. Arizona Cardinals. When Kurt Warner retired, the Cardinals faced a tough choice. Stand pat with Matt Leinart or try to upgrade.
They had a shot at Donovan McNabb, but opted not to make a move. Then, Arizona pounced on the underachieving Derek Anderson to be Leinart's backup, taking it out of the market for Bulger, once he became available.
Despite denials, the Cards had interest in Bulger. But they never, ever would pay him the same $3.8 million that the Ravens offered — especially after paying Anderson.
5. Philadelphia Eagles. As expected, the Eagles have traded Donovan McNabb. As not expected, they've kept Mike Vick. And, amazingly, the Wildcat gimmick currently serves as the primary backup to Kevin Kolb.
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