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New borla S.S. upswept headers w/ 4" merge collectors; 2 3/8 o.d pn-157-17096 @ jegs. $ 1031.00.... willing take 500.00
1 - 12 of 12 Posts Will show you what they look like and the going price. If the mufflers come with the headers, this is a darn good deal.
JRORK has a pair of these on his ride...... I think he likes them.... Depending on the hull they may barely clear the top of the transom
I've got a set for the stroker motor I bought fro Tom at JBP if I can ever get the motor up to my place. I had them ceramic coated in black satin and they really look great.
Here are mine.... Not the best photos but it's what my cell phone took.


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what motor they for? Wonder how these would look on a hydro?:)bulb
A 383 stroker motor. Look Jrork's thread. They look cool. His are chrome.
oh.. I got a bbc. thanks, I do love how they look
The ones above are for a BBC. I think Jrork's are on a BBC. I'm just building a SBC and had to call Borla and they found a set from the days they use to make them. I got them for around $650 with the mufflers. They are just a smaller version of the ones for sald here. They are SS and if you ceramic coat them you can run them dry. Jrork's are ceramic chrome and mine are ceramic satin black.

Check this out:
still have these? any pics?
Sold them a couple days after i originally posted.
Thar was too good of a price to last very long.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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