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Help me out here. I have cases of new,uncirculated Hot Boat Magazines, back issues from late '02 through mid '05 that I want to clear out of the garage. Rough count of about 1,000 and it would be a damn shame to shit can 'em. Many cases haven't even been opened. All or nothing. Just cover shipping and make it worth my time getting them boxed up and the trip to UPS. I will break down what months/years more accurate for serious inquireies. There may be a few banged up a little, but for the most part, they are all in pristine and new condition. Could be a gold mine for the someone that has a Performance Marine shop. For the articles, pictures- whatever. Back isues used to go for about 5 bucks plus poatage. Set up a rack next to the cash register for a couple bucks a pop. Sell half and you've put a $500 dollor bill in your pocket. Ain't but a couple tanks of gas, but if you have the real estate to set up a rack, you'll make money-eventually. But it would be money well spent. I'm not in the position to do it anymore. Hell, they may even sell at the races laid out on a table all nice like.

Best offer before the 4th of july. Please pm yer number & we can talk. Might even be pursueded to ship early or seperate if the price & attitude is right. would rather not split 'em up, but if ya get me motivated... Otherwise, I hate to say, their getting recycled....

Hope I can find them a home,

ps-PLEEEEZE! NO ONEZIE TWOZIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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