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Dear fans of HOT BOAT Magazine...

Several months ago, I started to construct a Web site that archives the Cover and Table of Contents pages for the issues of Hot Boat that I currently own. At last posting, I had finished the first 14 years or so (1983 to 1996), but now the archive is more or less complete, bringing it through to 2008, a year after I left to help create Performance Boats.

In addition to this being a very cool archive, I also happen to be selling off most of my back issues. So, if there's one you're looking for, I invite you to take a gander. Feel free to browse the site and click on the links, which will open a new window with the image files in your browser. It's in reverse chronological order, starting at 2008 and working backwards to 1983.

Click this link: Hot Boat Magazine Archives

Please PM or email me if you want to grab any or all of these issues, which are $7 plus $2 for shipping. They are sure to be worth an incredible fortune someday.


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