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Me and a buddy took some time and rewrote the lyric's to the all familar song Hot Rot Lincoln. Thought some of you may enjoy it......

My pappy said, "Son, your gunna drive me to drinkin
if you don't stop driving that Hot Rod Jet Boat"

Have you heard the story of jet boat race
when outboards and v-drives were settin the pace ?
The story is true, and it's not dull
I was was drivin that Tunnel Hull

It's got a hot rod motor that really runs good
and goes a lot faster than some say it should
It has 8 cylinders and uses them all
a stainless impellor that just won't stall

With a nitrous bottle and tunnel ram
you can hit the button if your in a jam
I've got a life jacket on, I aint scared
the seats are good, the hull is fair

Pulled off the trailer late one day
the beers were good I'm here to say
We flipped off a skiier as we blew passed
Needless to say we were hauling ass

All of the sudden in the blink of an eye
a flat bottom prop passed us by.
I said "boys that's a race for me"
by then his rudder was all I could see

My buddies were on me for being behind
so I thought I'd let the Big Block unwind
I mashed down on the accel-o-rator
and leaned hard on the jet-o-vator

I wound it up to seven grand
the tach said I'd reached the end
I leaned over and opened the bottle
suddenly I had a lot more throttle

One of the boys pointed at the speedo
just about then we broke the needle
They all said "hey slow down,
if we crash this thing we're gunna drown"

We hit a wave, the bow shot up
I crossed my fingers just for luck
I think I drive better than most
but the guy beside me was white as a ghost

The oil pressure guage started to drop
as I gained on that flat bottom prop
I knew I could catch him, I thought I could pass
but wouldn't you know, we were low on gas

Flames were coming from out of the stacks
but there was no way I was holding back
I said "hang on boys, I've got a lisence to fly"
and that flatty pulled over and let us by

Now all of the sudden the hull started leakin
I looked at my buddies and they were a freakin
Over my shoulder I could see Johnny Law
he wasn't happy with what he just saw

They arrested me and put me in jail
they called Jerry, to post my bail
He said "Son your gunna drive me to drinkin
if you don't stop drivin that Hot.......Rod.......Jetboat !!!
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