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how i get my boat ready for the new outboard as im removing a Tohatsu 30hp outboard motor was gutless in lower Revs reason for upgrading motor

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hi guys as you knew im really am ready for the day id remove my current outboard thiswas a Tohatsu 30hp 2cyl 2 stroke outboard the reason im removing this outboard was not that really the right power for my Caribbean V14 sea sprite fiberglass runabout boat as i had this outboard on my boat since the Yr2001 as thiswas a outboard thats wasnt really that powerful as im thinking of getting a 40hp outboard say a Suzuki 4 stroke 40hp outboard as i have a reason to remove this outboard The Tohatsu was really not really powerful down low and was really not the right outboard for my boat as im going to remove this outboard when i start the boats resto project as i start the project i have to remove this outboard as im saving my money now for the repower in future as i'm really am thinking about the restoration project as you see thiswas a really a need to really do repower this classic boat thiswas my only boat as for now so im really needed was torestore this boat in future as im gotten alot of the time to think of the resto job thiswas really my hope in future was really get a new outboard on my boat atfer i had really done my restoration project as thiswas my 1st boat and 1st ever resto job thiswas really gotta take a bit of my time for now as i needed was your help on this matter in regards to removing the Tohatsu 30hp 2cyl outboard as this motor does not have power trim and tilt as i hurt myself lifting this outboards a few times even in the water so im getting a newer outboard with power trim and tilt and electric start too no pull start on my next ever outboard willbe a 4 stroke Suzuki 40hp on my boat in future i will send you pics of my boat thiswas really be of help for you guys as im really needed was good advice on this matter in future
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