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How much should I ask for a 20x24 complete garage building?

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I have a 20x24 (10 foot high) garage with a 16 foot sectional door with remote Genie screw drive opener in Mohave Valley/Needles area that I need to sell... And have no clue whatsoever as to how much I should ask for it. It'll be ideal for somebody who needs a pre-made garage and that has a way of putting it on rollers and moving it to his place and set it down.

That way, he doesn't have to go through the hassle of building one, since it is already built.

Any ideas as to how much I should ask for it, is sincerely appreciated.

Here are some pictures...

Thanx a bunch in advance...
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Where in Mohave Valley is it? I have some dirt around Laguna and Mountainview and if its close maybe a back road deal could be worked out......
Ray 805 300 0012
Dammit Ray, I need that thing too :p
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