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RE; outboard care for the Evinrude 150hp 2stroke as thiswas really my 1st ever premix outboard thie was a reaon im asking was how to care for these nicer outboards as these was say 1985 and later on motors as you see thiswas really a concern was gettin these outboards was to run atfer i have bought the boat and i knew the motor was sitting for a long time as im really worried about how i get it to run atfer storage say a very long
time what are the step id needed was tod o in the gettin these outboards was to run again in future was are there was a need to run say 25;1 in the boats tank toget the outboard running again as im a ex OMC Mechanic as im gonna do all my motors servicing my self in future as i knew theese motor's really well too as far i knew thiswas really the case in future thiswas my knowledge was being used in future now here was a pic of the outboard im getting in future but was same model made by Johnson Outboards thiswas a division of OMC same as Evinrude here was a pic of the outboard i want in futue
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