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I.E. boater get together II

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any of the I.E. boaters want to try and do this again perhaps on aug 12 around 630?? perhaps tequila hoppers for those of us deprived of the hard stuff last time. any other suggestions on venue. anyone anyone?
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We would like to do it again but that is our 20th anniv. and we will be in Havasu for the week.
on the 12th we will be on our way to lake powell.maybe next time.
We won't be there until the week of the 17th.
We're in, Tequila Hoppers, where ever, we'll be there!
hwlaser23 x2

who else folks???? all you peeps down in the corona, riverside, redlands glendora areas you are only about less that half hr away. come on down:D
Where you guys going.....?

its gonna be tequila hoppers in upland 630 on aug the 12th most seem to be ok with this:D:D:D
it was a good turn out last time hopfully it will be just as good of a turn out
Damn missed the last one and now this one is planned for the day we leave for Powell also
anyone else??? hope this turn out gets a little bigger:D
anyone else??? hope this turn out gets a little bigger:D
as of right now i am working, but there is a possibility that my schedule may change.
I'm Leavin for havasu on the 13th so im gonna make this one ....
1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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