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My wife had a brush with breast cancer this past few months.
It really sucked.

OK now, it's all behind us. All is well.

I was sweating it might be fatal,, but being young and attractive she was upset over all the surgery, reconstruction,, chemo effects etc etc.

It really numbs ya dealing with it. It's a bizarre feeling dealing with death and dieing. You never are really prepared for it.

So everyday dealing with it when the dust would settle and the house was at peace, kids all dialed in,, I'd walk or ride my bicycle to one of the local bars for a relaxing drink.
Mid-day, mid month just after the County checks arrive ya find all the crazy people are out having a drink too.

So I walk into PC's, a local bar here in Simi.

The waitress all have HUGE boobs and are attractive.
They were cast in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and are the big titty girls/wenches in the back round scenes.
But that's another thread.

Anyway, I walk in to the bar and a crazy guy (Joseph to you locals that may know him) was lurking in the woman's restroom when one of the young waitresses walked into pee.
He grabs her by the boobs and won't let go. He had a death grip on her. Genuine boobs as big as your head.

She's screaming and the vigilantes drinking at the bar all come to her aid.

Everyone is beating on the guys melon and he won't go down,won't let go, not fazing him at all. Joesph is taking some powerful shots to the grill but hangs on.
I eventually choked him out and we drag him out to the parking lot.

Amazing, this kinda event will scar some girls and they'll never get over it, and to some chix its like water off a ducks back, no BFD.
So Liz the waitress didn't want us to call the Leos, she just wanted the whole incident over.

We put Joseph on his bicycle and sent him off.

So next day neighbors son is back from Afghanistan, and has some Marine friends over.
They're Jonesing for some Middle Eastern food, so I take them to the Neda here in Simi for really good food and a rocking off-the-hook bar. RD told me once no chick is a 10,, so I'll give the bartender a 9.5 on looks. Just a knockout, and as nasty as you wanna be.

We feel bad for her, she quit her job in Reno to come home after her parents died and is raising her brothers and sisters.

Next to the Neda is an extended stay Hotel and ya get a lot of people on business with big bank staying there.

One guy walks into the Neda bar sits down and orders a bottle, read that the WHOLE bottle of a special single malt scotch.
A rare scotch, most bars are lucky to get it at all and if they do they can usually only get two bottles a year.

The bartender is on her first month,, and charges him $58 for the bottle.
Should have been $58 a shot/$680 for the bottle.

The bartender should have known this, she was food and bev manager for a big Reno casino and has a head for this kinda thing.
OK,, she screwed up and the owner walks her outside and isn't really happy about it and they are talking she's crying.

So an Indian guy sitting at the bar (Vic to all you Simi locals) asks the guy who bought the bottle if "he usually buys a bottle like this?"
The guys answers "Yes when I can find it."

The Indian then asks him "What do you usually pay for this bottle?'
The guys answers; "6 to 7 hundred dollars."

So the Indian guy says; "You know better, and you'll let the bartender get fired over your greed????"

Then a s#itstorm breaks loose and everyone is beating on this guy. He took several shot glass's to the the head too
He starts screaming and crying and pulls out his credit card, the owner comes in and runs it for the balance of the bottles cost.

Then the guy is chased out.

So much for a relaxing drink.


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I need to hang out with that crowd lol -- everyonce in a while you got to feel ten foot tall and bullet proof lol

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Ross, we will be praying for her and you, my friend. My personal brush with cancer has made a huge change in the way I live my life.
Give Alice a hug for me.

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I watched my dad die after a 3 year ordeal with the devil...thoughts and prayers to you and your wife, and looking to better days aghead! ;)
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