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Here are some of the free apps that I have:

Cheap Gas, GPS Tracker, Loopt (good for getting locations of other iphone friends via the GPS function), Google, iHandy Level, TideApp (if you boat in the ocean), Flixter (book movies and see previews), DirecTV, Yellow Pages, Easy Wi-Fi, AroundMe, iHeartRadio, Call A Cab, Pandora, TipStar (work out tips and split via party size), TWC (weather app), Conversions (unit converter), Express, Shazam, Trapster (speed camera locator), TripCost, Google Earth, Quikpedia, BigOven, Take Me To My Car, Bloomberg, Sigalert, WebMD, Emergency (emergency distress beacon GPS locator), Airport Status, SeismicXML (earthquake monitor), My24/7 (entertainment guide), Fandango (movie app).

I think that's about it for the free apps...WOW, I really should get a life :)sphss

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Angry Birds - best game ever
Seafood Guide - lets ya know just how much mercury is in that tuna you're eating
Pocket Dyno - just like a GTech Pro
iNet Scan - scans your network and tells you whos using it

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These aren't all free but they are must have's:

Sound Hound > Shazaam
Dragon Dictation: talk into the phone and it converts it to text to email or text to people. Great in the car!
Hipstamatic: This is one of the best photo Apps there is. You will get addicted to taking pics with it. Here is a shot of yours truly:

Tilt Shift Generator: Another great photo manipulation app. Took this with it:

MiTube: Download YouTube videos and play anytime, instead of streaming.
Pixel Pipe: Upload photos and video to almost anywhere directly from your phone.
Google Earth
Google Search: Voice activated searching
Facebook: Of course!
Angry Birds: Best game eva!!!
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