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President Obama was having trouble sleeping, so he decided to take a walk around the White House.

Lo and behold, he comes upon the ghost of George Washington. "What can I do, George, to make it right with our country?" Wahsington's reply was, "Always tell the truth. You must be honest." "Hmmmphh," Obama thought to himself, "I could never do that."

The next night, again Obama is wandering the halls with a bout of insomnia when he comes across the ghost of Jefferson. "What can I do, Tommy, to make it right with the American People?" Obama asked. "You might cut taxes and support businesses." "Shheeeesh," Obama thought, "What do these spirits think I am, a miracle worker?"

The next night Obama is pacing again when he sees the ghost of Lincoln.
"Mr. Lincoln, what can I do to make it right with the American people?"

Lincoln thought a moment before he replied, "Go to the theater."
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