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I have searched this forum and not found the answer I am looking for.

My 502 cracked a piston from detonation and I am rebuilding it this winter. There is a good possibility that bad gas was the culprit. The engine builder I had look at the engine said that he thinks that I had a crappy distributor and need to get a good one and I wouldn't have had a problem. I did not have the distributor with me when he looked at the engine but it is a large cap HEI style with no identifying marks on it. I have decided to get a MSD distributor with an ignition box. The ignition box is very helpful for getting a clean signal to my EFI so I definitely want one.

My problem is that I cant find any info on what I should get or what I need. From the pictures on this site almost everyone runs a red box and not the blue marine MSD box. Do I need a marine one? The engine is covered and I would like to be Coast Guard compliant and also not explode. Money is an option but I am willing to spend enough to get good components. It will just take longer to get back on the water.

I am interested in crank triggers, or distributor-box set ups, or what ever would work well.

Thanks, Matt.
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