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Beware of this shop they are crooks. I have had a first hand bad experience with these actors especially Mike the owner, who is unscrupulous and a liar.
I purchased a boat from an accountant from michigan who was for all intents and purposes honest person and represented the boat correctly, as it sat at this shop for new manifold risers and a few other things. Once the boat had been serviced i was able to pick it up. Part of the confidence iven to me in making the purchase was the fact that the previous owner took it in to give it a clean bill of health prior to handing it over to the new owner. Well...
Everything went smoothly for the first 20 hrs or so that season. I put the boat away for the summer and fall on a trailer 20 miles inland. It was stored covered Next season out on water and the coupler goes after 3 hrs. Take it to my shop in port charlotte fl for replacement. after the engine is pulled we see that the items on the invoice from intercoastal marine service that were charged 4000 for were not done. Namely new starter and the associated costs to remove the engine to do same, align the coupler to outdrive shaft etc etc. The starter was so rusted it looked 10 yrs old.not only that but the engine mounts had to be cut out as they were rusted solid. the grease on the coupler splines was hard as a rock, certainly not 12 months new....
This was clear to me as well as the mechanics of 30 yrs and the sales staff at the other shop that the engine nor starter were ever removed recently.

when i called to confront Mike at Intercoastal Marine Service with the invoice copy and the obvious fraud he denied denied denied, made up every excuse in the book like I've seen this and that rust of in less than a year etc.

well needless to say there was no remedy coming from Intercoastal Marine service marco island florida

I want everyone to be careful and stay away from Intercoastal Marine Service as they inflate bills from what should be 8 hrs for a manifold riser swap to 35 hours by lying about parts not in plain view replaced when they are not. Engine in and out when not. etc etc

All documents and old parts have been retained for evidence until i decide to either go to the states attorney office or to refute this persons next application for a license to operate when it comes up for annual renewal.

Stay away from Intercoastal Marine service Marco Island Florida if you are not sure who to trust there are alot of unscrupulous mechanic shops out there waiting to be caught luckily i caught this one for others to heed these words. [HR][/HR]
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