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Hello Folks My name is Karl Kostman and I am new to you site. I am from Fargo ND and YES its cold and heck here, you could drive your tow vehicle with the trailer and boat behind it ON TOP OF the ice right now, Ice fishing season is starting very quickly!
I grew up in the Detroit Lakes MN area and we had half a dozen different types of boats at any given time, when i was in Jr High school I got hold of a GW Invader, it was a 12 ft and I was running a 115 short shaft evinrude on that boat, with me alone in the boat I could take just about anything on the lake, that is until the 200 hp Evinrude V-6 came out, oh well! Having grown up on the lakes in MN and almost every day during the season being in a boat of some type it was kind of my life. Well I got older and started a company and owned that for 30 years and sold it 3 years ago an this summer my wife and I bought a lake home on Star lake in Ottertail County MN. I have a nice fishing boat and a pontoon but all my life I have wanted a jet boat, please bare in mind I have a lot to learn on this subject, but the boat I am thinking about would be a Sanger or a Hondo, I would like a BBC around 500 ci, I would like to think I can start out with a N/A engine just running a Holley Dominator of appropriate CFM. The heads would have to a pretty decent set of either cast iron or aluminum, dont really care there would have to be a pretty decent roller bump stick in the motor and everything setup accordingly! My goal is to have a good reliable low maint. engine that will put out very close to 600 hp, I am looking at a Berkely pump of some form again appropriate to this setup.
Now my Questions?
1. I need to buy a boat remembering where I live are there trustworthy services who i can hire to look at and evaluate boats for me, and give me a report back on if its a good boat or not?
2. What am I looking at in a 19 to 21 ft jet boat for weight, would this boat weigh 3500 pounds water ready?
3. How does a person figure out what is the best starting point for the type of impeller you are going to want to run?
4. On the engine, I know how to make great power for a drag car in both BBC and SBC configs, do all the same formulas work in a marine jet boat type of application?
5. OK now I hope i have been able to fully illustrate my level of being informationally challenged on this subject, What are some good suggestions of things to read, look at, listen to or whatever it takes to start learning about this really cool new subject?

Thanks you all very much for listening to me and any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Karl Kostman
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