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  • It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year12/31/2015

    The tree is still decorated and all lit up our poinsettia plant is huge and beautiful in the center of our dining table and the weather is AWESOME! The hubby was born and raised a Florida boy and I moved here as a small child so we consider ourselves natives. So here's what...we don't need snow or cold weather to make it Christmas if you want snow travel on over to Disney and let some soap bubbles fall on your t-shirt and flip flops (don't slip) have a frosty on the way home and call it Seasons Greetings.
    Being year round boaters the most wonderful time of the year is boating the holiday season through. We have been blessed with great weather and would love everyone to come down and boat our local lakes such a beautiful area we live in.
    The boys are headed down to Sarasota this New Years Day to attend an event the Joey Gratton Memorial New Years Day Fun Run. Look it up if you think you can make it the weather looks like it might just cooperate. I'll be staying back on the homefront with our sweet Bree and getting myself better as I recoup from knee surgery maybe next year.
    This year has brought its share of challenges to our family right up until the very end but we've had our sweet retreat our family therapy the old Wellcraft 192 to whisk us away for relaxation.
    We do not take for granted and are very thankful for this boating life we live and we would like to offer our prayers and condolences to those who have weathered very rough storms this holiday season and hope they are safe and Godspeed rebuilding their homes.
    We cherish every memory we've shared on the water this year and look forward to our next adventure in boating.

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