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"A federal jury has rejected the argument that use of the N-word among blacks can be a culturally acceptable term of love and endearment, deciding its use in a workplace rant was hostile and discriminatory.

Jurors last week awarded $250,000 in compensatory damages to a black employment agency worker who was the target of an N-word-laced rant by her black boss, and they return to a Manhattan federal court Tuesday to decide on punitive damages.

The case against Rob Carmona and the employment agency he founded, STRIVE East Harlem, gave legal airing to what some see as a complex double standard surrounding the word: It's a degrading slur when uttered by whites but can be used at times with impunity among blacks."

But 38-year-old Brandi Johnson told jurors that her boss being black didn't make it any less hurtful to be the target of what her attorney called Carmona's "four-minute (expletive) tirade" about inappropriate workplace attire and unprofessional behavior.
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