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I know and have read every thread on here about jobs down there. I'm looking for something out there that has some stability. PM me if anyone has a hook up or knows about anything down there.

I'm looking to relocate, I lived in Vegas for the last 7 years and I'm just in Reno to spend sometime with my family. Now I'm ready to start a new life in Havasu.

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The only money you can make in Havasu... is what you bring into town with you.

However, if you bring a manufacturing business or some other labor intensive business to Havasu, there is plenty of cheap labor and commercial building leases. You must sell your product or service to the outside world. By that I mean, to a much larger audience than the tiny population of Lake Havasu City. The Snowbirds are very cheap and the seasonal businesses are few unless you have a lot of working capital. The economy has been very tough on Havasu. Always has been. I have seen at least 3 cycles in 15 years there.

It's a resort town... nice place to visit or have a vacation home, but a hard place to find a job where you can make $40,000.00 a year salary.

If you are looking to work for a company in Havasu, be prepared to work for a lot less than you are now.

Oh one more thing... Lake Havasu has a very high divorce rate also.
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