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Just finished waxing my boat

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Just finished waxing my new to me maxum..I know its not a performance boat, but we have been getting twice as much use out of this boat than the others I've had. Its a 94 with twin 454s with a genny and airconditioning. If ya see us in steamboat give a wave.....:D


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Looks good baller. If I was you, I'd bead blast it...........:D
Yea, bead blasting and pools are the last thing I want to see.....lake for the rest of the year for me....gonna park infront of the turtle with a gas donation "bucket":)bulb...rick let me know if you need a trailer if ya make a purchase...jesse
Thanks Jesse, unfortunately I am super busy (or fortunately, as it pays the bills). Nobody else wants to work in this heat so they are farming everything out to me. I will let you know on the trailer, thank you.
Yup, farming it out.....I will be filling in for a pool guy most of august,sept, and some of oct....must be nice for a pool guy to take vacation in the hottest months of the year:mad:
Bastards. No, make that Rat Bastards. :D What's a vacation?
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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