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This is it Gentlemen!! Cut loose for a weekend at camp Kamloops. Considered by many to be "Hallowed" ground steeped in rich family tradition, Kamloops is celebrating it's 60th year. We are a private organization/campground however membership is open to everyone. This is the one weekend a year where Kamloops is turned from a family atmosphere to a huge weekend party, known as the "Convention"(Sorry Lady's, this is a men only weekend, and for many of us our only chance to get away from you all year! lol) This year will be one of the best in recent history since the water level is at the trees.

The camp is located on the Mc Cloud arm of Shasta Lake and is not accessible by car. You will need to either have a boat available or call when you are close and either the barge, or I will come pick you up for a ride across the lake. Once in camp, we have a private dock, showers, flush toilets, electricity and many other amenities you might not expect from a "boat in" campground.

Provided is an open bar 24-7(Since it's a private party, ABC laws don't pertain) and all the food you can eat.

There is a fishing derby every day, a horseshoe tournament, poker games, a driving range, and a lake with 365 miles of shoreline to play on. If you have a boat bring it! If not, our private cove and dock offers a great opportunity to float around, swim and fish.

What you need to bring:

-Sleeping Bag
-Money for registration
-And thick skin for all the $hit talkin:)devil:)devil:)devil

I'll be leaving Thursday morning and coming home Sunday. It costs $260 which includes 7 meals a day and an open bar 24-7 for three to four days depending on when you come up. If anyone is interested feel free to call me, 925-360-6711, text me if I don't answer my voice mail isn't working.

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