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Was talking with Shoe on the sandbar last weekend about running the 10.00 class at Ming in Sept. He's telling me that to be even slightly competitive I will need a launch controller. O.K. What exactly is a launch controller and how does it work on a jetboat? At Elsinore I was launching on the spray and was not consistant at all on the tree.

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It will really difficult to dial in a launch profile without a data system installed on the boat. I would work on getting that first and then step up to the launch controller otherwise your launch profile will just be a guess since you have no facts to as to how your entire boat is responding. Until then set your rev limiter to 200 rpm over your max rpm and go out and run it.

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MSD makes the launch controller ... MSD part number 75611

They go for around $250-$275 new

You install it and use a PC to set the launch's rpm curve within the controller to control your rpm's upon take off.

You'll need a full throttle microswitch and an "arming" switch on the dash.

Once you arm the launch control, it waits for the input from the full throttle switch to start the timed launch curve. You hammer it and the controller sets the rpm's during your take off.

As Ross said, it's harder to do without a data accusition system, but not impossible. It will just take more take off's to dial it against the tree. But it can be done.

Once they're dialed in, it's hard to beat off the line.
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