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Liab Ins

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lookin for some liab ins for construction biz. i know there are a few contractors on here. looking for the no bs insur co. who do you guys use? shopping around for insur is worst than shopping for a new car.:)sphss
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Did you try Cole Trickle?
I use people in Phoenix. I can give you the number if that interests you. PM me.

i use zurich
Try RPS in Phoenix. I think they're licensed in California. My wife worked for them here in Utah at one time.
Give my brother in law a shot. His company is here in San Diego. I think he has helped a few here from the boards.

Jon Coleman
Builders Bonding and Ins Co.
(888) 303-2247
pm's sent...thx guys
sory zurich 1-800-821-7803 hope they can help
We use Hunter Insurance in La Mesa. Been with them for 12 years. Great service and rates.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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