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Liberator p/f clamp on

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1991 Liberator 20ft scorpion p/f tunnel hull.seats 5,fair interior,hot foot ,full guages,20gal fuel tank,steering wheel tilt/trim,jack plate w 1983 mercury 200 pre-mix on pump gas,rebuilt 09 cle gear case 1.89 gears,low h2o p/u,ron hill 30 chopper. on tandeum axle trailer mags,good tires,bunks need minor attention. great boat,good fuel mileage,forgiving to drive.

titles in hand $8750

409 2339119/409 7569333
boat is located in se Texas.
Will trade for or towards a proven runner bottom w or w/o power


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Lib p/f sale or trade

new pic's


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Liberator p/f sale or trade

Liberator p/f 4 sale or trade

still available !
Lowered price

price is @$8000
Liberator trade or sell

will consider trading for a fresh pump gas 550+ hp bbc motor.all or partial + some $$$$ or still sell outright!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trade for bbc or sell

P/f sell or trade!!!!!!!!!!!

Sale or Trade

need the funds to do the hondo refurbish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Chance Sale

last time i'll bump it ! if it doesn't go soon. i'll keep it and sell the hondo runner project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have him contact Dave @ Liberator boats in crowley Texas. dave can give him an watercraft/boat appraisal(sp). that works for dupont credit union and the bank i have used in the past.

817 2972465. he knows the boat becasue he manufactured it.
Lib 4 sale

great. any help or assitance i can be ask!
Liberator p/f tunnel hull

still for sale !!!!!!!!!
Lib 4 sale

check your emails.
Lib 4 sale

not yet pat.trying to get time off to take it in for an appraisal.not in yhr kelly or nada so to loan money needs it.

good looking ole circle boat you got there!
liberator p/f 4 sale

anyone?? need to sell this for fund$ to move forward on my vdrive project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will still consider a 550+ hp pump gas bbc as full or partial trade.needs to be fresh & with good internals(proof).

sold . man called friday showed with the coin on sunday.went to carthage Texas but he frequents greason & broken bow.

thanks guyz,
waiting on a couple of responses of power (bbc) for sale and looking at one turn key boat.have some knowledgable guyz looking at it for me.

either way i am ready to get started. hondo is going to body shop fri & sat for a buffing & color restore. i may even beat dry & jetter with a turn key ride !!!!
1 - 19 of 33 Posts
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