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Pretty cool event.

I came out for sunday only. I got to see all the classes!
It was cool to see Gordy Jr running the little outboard hydro.

My favorite class was GN. Good hard Racing.
Little odd..... Small boats, racing big boats. All types of differnt engines. Kinda cool.
I must admit GN7s boat is the loudest!! But sadly for them it wasn't a DB race. And I think they ended up 3rd. The guy who won drove the hell out of his big boat and it turned very well. It's crazy when you see them turn. All you see is water !!!

Comp jet was also very exciting. Jacks old boat was VERY FAST . I believe Bandy was behind the wheel... Him and Harold Bruce got into a "tag your it" and the bandy boat got some damage. Bandy went on to win that heat.

Well worth the price of admission!!
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