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Love the Local Lakes ! 4/27/2016

We are so fortunate to live in an area with awesome lake fronts filled with docks, restaurants, splash parks, playgrounds, festivals and events!!
For many years every weekend we boated the same familiar lake because we didn't know where else to go so if you're a newbie to boating or a creature of habit I'd like to share my short list of fantastic lake fronts of fun.
Lake Butler
It's the best swimming hole around clear water sandy bottom everyone anchors and ties up at Bird Island. Bring your snacks and drinks because this is pure Florida at its best nature, swimming and hanging out under the sun. Nobody gets in a bad mood here!
Lake Dora
First you've got the quaint town of Mount Dora with shops, restaurants and events. They just had a Blueberry Festival last weekend and they'll be holding events monthly throughout the year. We don't swim this lake much ,lots of big teeth wildlife we see from time to time, but who cares plenty of adjoining lakes to ride, restaurants and parks.
Also on Lake Dora the lakeshore at Tavares catch a train, take a seaplane ride, splash park, playground and awesome restaurants. This weekend they have an event "Planes, Trains and BBQ" it's on April 30 th with an air show. There's a ramp near Mount Dora if that's full google map Tremble Park it's right around the corner or put in on 441 in Tavares. If you want to know all the upcoming events look up and get the weekly events sent to your phone.
Lake Minneola
This lake is in Clermont our first boating lake and has a new splash park, playground beach front and restaurant. They have really nice events and summer is coming they host fireworks on the fourth and much more. This is a great swimming beach the water not as clear but I've never been bitten by anything in the last ten years so I'm calling it safe. On the west side of the lake there's a fairly new park with interesting local history and it has a dock to boat up to and hop out and check out the park. I look up the City of Clermont website and see what's coming up.

There you have it some great local lakes to check out for your next adventure in boating get out there and love the local lakes! See you on the water.
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