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Trying to clean up around here, I've got a lot of junk I need to get rid of.

BBC 702 closed chamber heads with port work. Good condition, ready to run. $400 pair.
BBC M/T finned valve covers with breathers $100
BBC stock style starter, looks new, works fine, $25 SOLD
BBC external balance B&M flex plate $25
BBC 396 short block 3902406 with oilpan, flex plate, and balancer. One piston has hole, .030 over right now. Might need .040 or .060 to clean up. $100 SOLD
BBF stock style starter (brand new, clearance issues in my F100, went to a gear reduction starter) $25
eBay BBC/SBC HEI distributor (less than an hour of use) $50
HEI BBC/SBC distributor (Unknown history) $TRADED
Plug wires (Less than an hour use) $20
LQ4 Iron Heads (Pair) $50
BBC headers (dry) with fittings on the collector $100
BBC Edelbrock Aluminum intake $TRADED
Weird Berk split bowl style nozzle. $20
BBC short driveline (No PTO, bolts to crank, has bolts) $SOLD
Mechanical fuel pump for BBC $10
Cooling system adapters for Chevy (3pc, two wp and one intake manifold)(still useable, has electrolysis damage on inside) $20

Everything is located in Bullhead City, AZ.

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About those headers

Edelbrock 7163 BB Chevy Performer RPM Intake Manifold
My buddy used to build headers for a couple companies. He said those square ports you have were the first ones they used on the D port heads. Don't know why or what but that is what he claims. Just thought I would pass it along if some guys were as confused as we were about it. So if you have D=Port heads I guess these will be good for your boat. Jus Sayin what I heard.
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