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(SOLD)LS1 Parts (AFR, JE, Callies, Carrilo)

Decided to get rid of my pile of LS1 parts for a project that is just never going to ever get done... no time to finish what projects I already have... let alone new ones... so...

Here is what I have:

AFR CNC Cathedrial port heads, hand blended, with 2.08/1.6 valves and spring cups (no springs), 66cc chambers. Will get a fresh valve job before shipping/pickup.

Jesel 1.7 shaft rockers

JE FSR pistons, 4.125 bore, lateral gas ports, large valve reliefs (will clear LS7 heads) and small dome for 11.5:1 w/66cc chambers w/hardened wrist pins

Carrillo 6.275 H beam rods w/carr sps33 bolts... mag checked and big ends re-touched up for roundness and size.

Callies 3.268 stroke crankshaft... mag checked good and has a fresh polish.

Rotating assembly is balanced.

Schneider 276-82R solid roller cam (242/[email protected] .619/.620 lift 112sep)
also... a Comp Cams solid roller grind 4428R/4431R (will look for the cam card tomorrow)

I do also have a LS2 block with Darton sleeves (not installed) for the 4.125 bore and billet main caps (also not installed) for it that I can throw in either as a parts pile or fully machined (additional cost for machine work... no additional cost for the parts)

The crank/rod/piston combo is out of a Katech deal that was 350 cubic inches.

All parts are used, but in very good shape (otherwise I wouldn't have saved them to use in a project for myself)... with the Schneider cam and in a C5R block in a long travel car, it put down a little over 580 to the ground. The customer decided to go twin turbo after a season... so I ended up with the parts and was planning on building a high revving 660-680ish hp pump gas motor on a little bottle shot for a light 18' gullwing... No time for such fanciful projects these days... and no more room to store "future project" stuff.

$3700.00 obo.

Will post pictures tomorrow. But... if you want particular pictures of something, just send a pm and I'll send them.

Parts are SOLD.

Bostick Racing Engines
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Heads are 230cc runners

Can't seem to find the billet caps I bought.

Also included are the pushrods and ARP head studs

Since I can not find the caps... $3000.00

For 3k, you get:
LS2 6.0 Block
Darton sleeves
Je Pistons
Carrillo rods
Callies crankshaft
Manley pushrods
Schneider solid roller cam
Comp solid roller cam
Afr 230 heads w/ valves and spring cups (no springs or retainers)
T&D 1.7 shaft rockers
ARP head studs

Make an offer... I'm over this stuff.
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