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Maple Leafs....

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The Ducks killed them last night. :D
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That's because Leafs suck - even their fans know that. ;) I'm a polyteamist fan. :)grn
Habs, Leafs and Canucks. Combination game of any of those three are my favourite games to watch - doesn't matter to me who wins that way. :cool:

*favourite: I usually conform to American spellings but I'm gonna go ahead and spell words the Canadian way in this forum. :p
you missed the oilers and flames :)grn , must be a canuckle head ;)
hear yea with the habs and makbeleves , born in the big smoke aswell , but if i had to chose it would be the oil for me :p

my son is a big fan of theirs , doesn't find it that funny lol . :):)punch
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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