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It's been sometime since my last post, but I thought you'd all like to see this one.

This is a Merlin II marine engine for a customers power boat. The customer supplied a majority of the parts, and we did the engineering and engine build.

On one of the last dyno pulls when the engine was approaching 1100HP and 1000ft/lbs of torque, but the sheer jet thrust from the headers pushed the entire dyno rig across the dyno room!

We did shut it down but the residual fuel being forced through the engine by the Supercharger kept burning and pushing the whole engine forward. Good job we are behind bullet proof glass! :)Unsure

The later runs were made after we installed some 2x4 chocks between the rig and the dyno room wall :p

Final numbers were 1080HP and 976 ft/lbs. We think it could do more with a different cam, but it was customer supplied. However, this is likely to drive any boat it sits in at insane speeds, and be on the plane in the blink of an eye!

Destined for a power boat that will be used on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. The owner is a well known CEO of a major US Corp.

Hope you enjoy!

Here is the final run, once we'd secured the rig! The boat builder who is fitting the engine tells us this will push the boat to 130MPH! INSANE! :shock:

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