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Do not remember the author

T'was the night before christmas and out on the lakes
no jet tails were blowing and there were no wakes
The boats on the trailers all covered with ice
a blast down the river sure would be nice

Some Banderlog people were haunting the board
Others were dreaming of 454's to replace their slow Fords
Some were just thinking 'if summer were here
I would take a nice boat ride then get me a beer'

When outside the window there came such a sound
of a big block engine with the pedal pushed down
The OT headers, that sound that they do
the whine of a blower was also there too

I heard this great sound, now what could it be?
the water's miles away, at least two or three
I ran out the door to see what it was
unbelievable man, it was old Santa Clause!

His sleigh had a different sort of propulsion
out of the back came a great plume of expulson
To be sure it was someting that i did not know
but i must admit it looked something like snow

The speed that sleigh reached was easy to see
was easily in excess of one thousand and three
It turned on a dime, had great acceleration
the rooster had several miles of duration

I called my wife to look, she thought i was joking
she told me that it was the stuff i was smoking
Suprised she was when she finally was looking
and said 'man that sled really is cooking'

And what do you think that he had in his sack
but some pistons and maniflolds and more things in the back
Some camshafts and valve springs and stainless impellers
and all kinds of things for the Banderlog fellers

When i first saw him his heading was south
but i definitely heard these words from his mouth
I would not have made it, and it would have been tragic
if i wouldnt have had some of Squirts Magic

He did not stop at my house but he did make a show
and just so that all of the rest of you know
I really dont mind it, cause St. Nick knows best
but most of the goodies were headed out west

I know what all of you are probably thinking:
what is that stuff that Jethro's been drinking?
I cant prove it happened but it seems to me
that a video would do it (oh where is Jim Lee)

He finally vanished so i went to bed
with visions of his jet sled still in my head
No prop sled for Santa, now he did it right
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight
Tim Team BFH
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