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We launched out of telephone cove around 1pm, had a hard time getting the boat on & off the trailer water was lower than usual. ( Atleast it seemed that way ) took a ride out to Katherines to warm her up but we got beat to $hit .. Im really surprised of how many boats were out there.. the coves were nice the the middle was a roller coaster.

Did you see that guy in the 16 footer jumping the wakes and landing bow first, i thought for sure he would sink it but he just kept going .......

We were out a total of 20 minutes and brought it back in. you gonna be out again on the 4th ?

We will be in the Eliminator again, making runs early then beaching it the rest of the day. Just gets to rough for the 19'er:)devil
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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