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Muffler Laws

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Whats the deal with muffler/noise laws on Canadian lakes.
I live in the Okanagan and they are threating to get rid of through hull exhaust on OK lake. Anybody have the same problem.
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If you have Supertrapps , you may get away with it on some lakes .Generally ,new law is you need to go through transom;).We got rid of the Bassetts on this Carrera and put Glenwood logs through transom. Boat is used here in Vancouver area and in Kelowna no problem.
Just for your info , didn't loose a single RPM with the swap
because it's a relatively mild engine with 415 HP .

Beautiful boat! I have a 1991 Carrera with a 496 chevy, Bassett thru transom headers and 4 inch tips. It flows just about as good as the ot's with less noise.

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1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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