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It seems the lakers are choosing LO over Ariza. I would think they should keep Ariza and LO but if they can't keep both I would go with Ariza. Seems with Kobe going to get his max he didn't care about the rest of the team so why should Ariza. He will sign with Portland IMO......

The Clips moved ZBo for QRich which clears up PT for Griffin and also clears up cap space for next year. Ariza would be a good fit for the Clips but they only have the same to offer as the Lakers so we all know how that would

The Clips are going to be dramatically improved and hopefully will make the PO's....
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Ariza was offered 5.6 mil from the Lakers, he feels disrespected (oh please, he was a scrub til this year) Kobe certainly made him better. It is said he would take the same mid level from another team just to be spiteful (what an unloyal dick) The East is really building up this off season. Looks like Cleveland will land Ariza. What a disrespectful punk good rittens.
Rumor mill has Farmar and Bynam for....................Amare. I don't like it?
Ken Berger of CBS Sports has posted this tweet:

Breaking News. Ron Artest tells he is signing with the Lakers. (via Twitter)
WOW! that means Ariza is gone
Look I'm a Ariza fan, he certainly picked up his game this year, but............between him and Lamar..........thats easy Lamar all the way, you can not teach height. Now as far as Artest and Ariza............Artest is a better defender and just finished shooting 40% from 3pt land for Houston. He would be getting the same open shots Ariza was getting. I believe Phil can handle Ron also............that being said Ariza is being unreasonable if he wanted to play in LA. 1 GOOD year and 5.6 mil per yr over 5 yrs is an insult:)hand
BREAKING NEWS......Lakers sign Ron Artest Ariza will regret this his whole life.
I'm definitely going to L.A. — to sign, yeah," Artest said in a phone interview. "Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I'm in L.A. right now."

Artest told that he met with Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss Thursday and already had spoken with Phil Jackson
I dont know how cheap the Lakers will get Artest, but if Odom is willing to take a little less than his asking, it is still not unrealistic to keep Ariza, especially with Kobe helping the cap space. I will not believe the Ariza stuff until it is finalized, he was pretty gung ho about coming back and this is all negotiations. Keep in mind, Ariza has not been anything until this year with the Lakers. Someone mentioned it could be like D. George who shows up for a contract and the Lakers get burned, maybe the Lakers are sick of that happening, like Walton and Vujacic.

As it is:

Bynum / Gasol / Mbenga
Gasol / Odom / Powell
Artest / Ariza? / Walton
Kobe / Vujacic
Fisher / Farmar / Brown?

Worse case they lose Ariza and Brown, they are still set for another championship, that is a BIG and STRONG starting line up.
Ariza is gone, he was offered 5 yrs and 32mil. That's all he will get from a contender. It's alright Artest is a better player, he also will get the mid level for 5 yrs.
I wish Artest's offer would hit the streets already. I like this comment.

"I don't really care about the money," Artest said. "I'll play there for nothing. ... L.A. was very interested in me, and they got me."

I just do not see Ariza walking away like that, LO, Kobe and Co. really love Ariza and Kobe has said that Ariza will be back. I do not see a tight knit family breaking up just like that, especially after a championship. Who knows, maybe LO is taking less to play with his childhood friend and Kobe not opting out and saving cap space is a way to squeez their boy into the picture. It will be interesting to see it all unfold.
Can't happen, no cash for Ariza, he made his bed now he will turn into a Devon George:)hand
I'm laughing my ass off. Trevor was a scrub........comes to his home LA wins a championship,gets mad props, is offered 32mil by the Lakers says he's disrespected then turns around and signs the exact same deal with now a lottery team instead of winning more rings. What a moron, they will be lucky to win 30 games next year. We are all struggling and 32 mil is disrespect. Trevor GO [email protected] YOURSELF:)hand
Quite the fan you are. :)sphss

Maybe you should have gone into the NBA.
Think the Lakers are looking for a 49yr old 6'5'' 300lb swing man:)bulb
Should be very interesting with Ron Ron In LA. YOu guys seem to have changed your tune now that he is a Laker. I really don't think the Laker team or PJ or anyone will change Ron Ron for more then a few months.
He wore out his welcome in Ind, Sac and Houston and wasnt even offered a contract in Houston. 1 year and they wanted nothing to do with him. There is more to Ron in the locker room chemistry then most see.

Was funny listening to Kobe say what a great teammate and locker room influence he is,, Can't remember when they were teamates, lol... kinda funny.
Wonder where Ron Ron is going to get his 16 points a game from??? Obviously not Kobe's shots , but I'm thinking he will be taking a lot of Gasol's shots..not good .. And if you think Ron will settle for 6 points a game, trust me that won't last long.. and The 1st time somebody gives Kobe a hard foul, I can see Ron Ron going bersurk, then bye bye Ron..
Like has been said will be interesting, come around February, we will see how its working..
Bottom line Ron is a cancer and I predict NO ring for the Lakers with Ron Ron.....
Not sure there was a cohearant thought there:p But one thing is certain..........the Lakers are the best team in basketball and the Queens are the worst:)hand
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