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New guy with performance upgrade questions

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:) Hello, I am new to this board, and Jet boats. It looks to me, that it is full of helpful advise. Like any other boater, I am looking into upgrades for speed. I have a 2002 21ft Renegade with a 385 hp marine power. I have been looking into what it would take to increase HP and improve my jet performance. I have been told aluminum heads and a cam will increase hp, and a nozzel extension and impeller will help with the jet performance. Has anyone had success with those upgrades? The big question is, will I have to sell a kidney to pay for them? Thanks


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How much of a performance increase are you looking for and where? (low down acceleration or top speed?)
Just the heads being aluminum wont increase performance, the idea is getting some high perf heads that flow better...but that depends upon what you have already...
What speeds and rpm are you attaining now? These can help pinpoint any issues, such as a worn out pump...

So far, it looks like you have a pretty nice boat :D
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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