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Hi I'm new to this forum. Just joined. I'm familiar with boats but mainly outboards. Getting into my first inboard motors. I just picked up two projects both seems to be pretty unique boats as I can only find little information on one but the other is a know boat. I'm joining to see if I may get some help from fellow members or advice on them. Mainly the engines/drives. Again I've been around boats so glass work an repair are not an issue.

1st boat; 1977 Hawaiian 8 metre party cruiser 26', ford 460, with the Berkeley jet. Motor is still in process of being put back into boat. Needs glass work, an new app upholstery.

2nd boat; 1989 Dominator by commander 26' day cruiser. Rough running Chevy 454 w/ alpha1 outdrive, need new upholstery, still looks great but needs some glass work. This boat I can't find any information on, if someone can help me find information on it would be great.


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