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New to V-Drives. Please Advise

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I am brand new to the v-drive scene. I am wanting to purchase a V-Drive boat but I am not sure what I need to know. The boat that I am looking at is a 1977 Rayson Craft 18LP Circle Boat. The ad says that it is a custom built by Jimmy Gaskins for Don Pierce. Could some one please help me know if this is a good boat or not. I am going to look at it this weekend. Thanks for all your help!!
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Welcome! Raysoncrafts are great boats. Just go over it checking for delam.

This boat right?
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Yes that is the boat. Thanks for responding
What signs of delam should i be looking for?
Some things are visual and others you need to feel for. Check where the stringers attach to the floor and the transom, you can tap the inside and outside of the stringers and tell if the fiberglass is seperated from the wood. Also on the floor if it is delaminating it could look like it's bubbled up. Check the bulkheads and make sure they are still glassed good.
thanks for the advice. I will remember to check that out when i go look at it
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