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New Year New Way01/07/2016

We have drifted right in to the New Year back at work and school and some chilly days have found their way here. We'll be back in the upper 70's by the weekend so a boat cruise is on the agenda this weekend. Still recovering from knee surgery but have crutches will travel.

Last weekend I mentioned the boys headed down to Sarasota for the Joey Gratton Memorial run. Joey Gratton was a part of the power boat racing tours we love to watch and have recently attended last year at Cocoa Beach in the spring. Joey passed away while racing and his family hosts this run for power boaters and regular boaters who met up and cruised up the river in memory of the man and sport he loved. The boaters met for lunch on the Manatee River at Tarpon Point and then they head back down the river to the bay where they started out. The weather was great this time of year you never know what you'll get but it was warm and sunny. This is its third year and the hubby heard about it and decided to attend. Little bit choppy for our 20ft Wellcraft but with our 351 Windsor we were able to rumble along with the best of them.

The hubby and the boy enjoyed flying along the water (pictures to prove it) with just the tail end of the boat in the water. Great memories for our boy the adventures he and dad enjoy on the water. It was a long day but it was worth the time and drive seeing the boats and being a part of a family honoring their loved one. Perhaps this will be the new way we spend our new year and we'll make a family trip out of it overnight. What a nice tradition that would be.

Paul got to work on his photography skills and I must say he got some great pics of birds hanging around at the bay. He also snapped loads of shots of the boats that joined the run folks from all over came down to the event. He's getting pretty good with the camera and you know what that means...bigger better camera, boys and their toys!

This year we hope to check out many more events and some new boating spots that's our goal. More adventures more places.

I hope the start of the New Year has been great for you and look out for more pictures and stories as we enjoy a brand new year with adventure in boating.

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