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i have a nicson stringer mount foot throttle for has been modified to pull the throttle cable instead of pushing it...its no show piece but an hour with the aluminum polish and a rag got it looking decent again...i would prefer to sell local so the prospective buyer could inspect in person but if someone out of town wants it ill ship it if the buyer pays the shipping. the throttle is in kingman AZ (86409)

$60 + the shipping

i do not have paypal so cash or a money order is what i would require for payment (if shipping i would require payment before the throttle ships)


note the welds on the mount and that the "nicson" is upside down...this is where the modification was done to make it pull the cable instead of pushing it...Im not sure who did the mod but Al Stoker from Johns Custom Marine is who told me why the welds are there...the throttle came with my Stoker so I'm left to assume the the mod was done at JCM.
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