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Just a little update from Nick in NJ and his court case on the Oblaimo eligibility situation...

Keep in mind that the staffer that in so many words admitted the Oblaimo BC is a fake/forgery, in this same legal challenge:

June 1, 2012 TPATH

Nicholas Purpura, a great American patriot and one of the complainants in the ongoing effort to expose Obama and his crimes sent TPATH this response to the Wednesday's Appellate hearing.

Of the judge’s decision, Purpura sent these remarks to TPATH.

I’m going to write an article on it. The decision shows that there is no sovereignty, no due process, and no proper procedure in the state of New Jersey. I’ve never seen such a ridiculous decision in my life. They confirmed the administrative law judge’s decision that Obama was born in Hawaii and that he is a “natural born Citizen.” They affirmed that the Secretary of State and the administrative law judge were correct. It’s on page 3 of the decision.

Never before in American jurisprudence, as far as I’m concerned have we seen courts ignore the main fact that there was no evidence. They testified that there was no evidence, and their ridiculous statement that even Mickey Mouse could run without proof of eligibility shows just how Mickey Mouse these judges are. They’re out of their minds.

The Supreme Court of the United States has stated affirmatively that for a decision to qualify as proper due process, one must base it on evidence, and in the decision, said evidence has to be listed. I want to know where his eligibility is. I want to know where the evidence is. There is none!

They’re saying he doesn’t have to prove who he is. Wait a minute…that’s absurd! You have to read the decision. I”m going to go a little deeper when I write my article. But I’m not going to write it today. I was angry yesterday to see their behavior, which was disgraceful. When the judge walked in, his robe was open, as if to say, “I don’t want to be bothered with this.” In my opinion, this decision was written prior to his hearing of this case.

We’re going to appeal this, because as far as I’m concerned, where is the rule of law? Can they just disregard it and create their own law? Can they decide that a person is born in a state without evidence? Can they prove that Mickey Mouse could be on the ballot? Is that true in New Jersey? That just shows the need for judicial reform.

We have standing rules in law, and I have yet to see them applied in this particular case.

If they were jurists, they would have had to say, “Where’s the evidence that he was born in Hawaii?” They said there’s no evidence; they testified that the document on the internet could not be be used as evidence of his eligibility, so then where is the eligibility? Personally, to me, the director of the election commission here in New Jersey stated, “Oh, no, we don’t even have proof from 2008 that he was eligible.” So then it was true what they said: even Mickey Mouse could be on the ballot.

New Jersey state law says that a person can’t be on the ballot for a national election unless he is eligible. There’s no proof of eligibility here. It’s a contradiction of the law, and it tells me there is no law.

How are these judges leaving this country to their children and grandchildren? It’s time for judicial reform. If you violate the Constitution, you should be removed from the bench. If you violate that oath, you are committing treason.

We’re looking at a constitutional issue here, whether or not our Constitution has any meaning. There are numerous types of citizens: Article I citizens and Article II citizens, and Obama is certainly not an Article II citizen by his own admission. So what do we have here: he can change the law? This matter can never end until we know because every law that he passed and every regulation will be nullified if he’s not a legitimate president, and that will protect our country. He has already destroyed it. This has to be settled, and they have to stop running from this issue.

Even if he loses the election, the issue must be addressed, not about Mr. Obama holding the office, but for what he did while holding office, legally or illegally.

June 1, 2012 TPATH


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at this point the courts have to ignore it, I believe it's a matter of saving face for the policies of this nation, to do otherwise would be to highlight just how f'ed up American politics really are.
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