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Got any funny stories to tell ? I love your sanger ! And your funny stories about almost shitting yourself .:)
Almost?Stupid locked door..:)coffee And my Sanger should hit the lake in a week or two.. After I get it running again..:)sphss

A combination of having a good job and willing to completely disregard fiscal responsibility! Most guys in here just love this hobby so much they devote themselves to it. The hobby seems to be 99% getting the boat "ready" and 1% driving it, although a generous amount of extra cash CAN change this ratio! It may seem like older guys write a lot on this forum, but most got started at an early age. It's just that instead of hanging out at bars at night hoping to get laid, we are stuck at home with the family wishing were out having fun!:D
LOL and shed a tear of sadness at the same time. That's "word-smithin" right there..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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