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Hey y'all!!!! Grew up in so-cal (Fullerton) being a river rat (Parker) in the summer and wrenching on all things that made noise.... In the late 70's got a job at Liberty Boats building engines and that led to driving the shop drag boat. Had fun doing that for a couple of years but all good things came to an end with a crash at Lake Ming. Running drag boats with Norm Grimes and Greg Shoemaker was a blast back then as well as the circle boat boys Craig Millet and Tom Nusbickle. Jeff Bennett was just starting to do all the bottoms of anybody's race boat that wanted to go fast.. Ahhhh the good old days!! Jet boats in my blood forever.

Found this forum through my son who was looking for parts for his Spectra cruiser and thought I'd hang out here for a while. All things with props have gone bye-bye around here and now cruising the waters of Nor-Cal in a 20' Duckworth with my wife of 34 years,the dogs and grand kids !!!

Here's to cold beer and smooth woman!! Greetings y'all!
Jeff Yelton aka DFYDUK
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