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On the Rocks

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Was at the sandbar by Aha and some guys in a Rhino were looking for someone. We helped find them. The people in the Rhino said that their friends had an accident.

Rocknpalms and I took off in out boats down river and this is what we found.

They used my rope and my brothers knife incase things went bad.

All went well. I offered to tow the guy back to the ramp, but he said he is good. I took off then. Next thing I know, he is on his way back to the sandbar!! LOL

He hooked up to his anchor and then relised the bilge was running. He said he was taking on water. Then the pumped stopped, so then he says they are ok. LOL

They did end up leaving. From what I understand, it was a borrowed boat.

My brother looked under the boat with a mask, he can tell ya when he saw.
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I swam under the boat once it was back at the sandbar. The damage started at the front eye hook. Bent pretty bad. Starboard side edge of bottom of boat fiberglass damaged down to the fiber from front to rear. It has two skaggs center of boat one was bent but not bad. Four blade prop one ear was tweaked a bit. I am surprised that most of the running gear was saved and or not touched.
What was even more important then the boat no one was hurt. 5 or so people in the boat. One guy actually jumped out into the water the last second.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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