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Or Seth, either one
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What ever happen to this DCB?
Anyone have any updated information about the DCB 26-Orangegasm from the hotboat article. A PSI blower on top or an Arias Hemi, with a #6 drive, in a single seems like a hot setup if it is dialed in correctly!
That's Jeff Glow's boat, owner of "Smooth As Glass", a top of the line boat/RV body repair/paint shop.
SAG Custom | Aluminum, Fiberglass Boat & RV Repair | Riverbank CA

Last I heard, he still has it. Such an awesome boat. Attention to detail in it's fiberglass and paint is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Really is an "ORANGEGASM"

His screen name on the boards is "Washed Ashore", send him a PM or give him a call if you like, very nice guy.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts