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greetings my friends
as im asking you in future when i get my 1st ever 4 stroke outboard what are the good care related solutions in regards to the need for regular 6 monthly servicing for my 1st ever 4 stroke outboards say the Suzuki 25hp models as thiswas used in Saltwater as thiswas my first ever 4 stroke outboard are there any tips on the care these new outboards really need any special care what are there was a need to write a log for the Hrs i do over say a year of the Australian boating season say i do a service log in a book to say write donw time went out and came back in and if needed was write down the fuel used and the costs and related things like fuel stabilizer in case of winter storage over the Aussie winter and needed was serviced in the first few weeks of the impending new season i have the outboard serviced every 6 months thiswas really my hope in future as i knew thiswas really very important to me was really get this sorted in future was my future buying of a new 4 stroke outboard for my boat in future as i fish alot in my boats i was wanted an outboard that starts dead easy has the power to get a boat moving fast say when loaded with say 2 adults on board and loaded with fishing gear as im leaning to get a Suzuki 25hp outboard the reason for thiswas really needed was a bit more power for a tinny boat to get from one fishing spot to another and have really good power toget us home safely say atfer we gotten our said bag limit of nice fish and im starting the outboard to head back to port im asking you for your advice on caring for a new 4 stroke outboard say the 25hp Suzuki 4 stroke outboards as thiswas on a An Aussie tinny boat thiswas used for fishing and related things thiswas really my hope in future was really get a new boat deals with boat and motor and trailer deals thiswas really my hope in future as im saving my money for this now as im getting there now i see thiswas really be good as far the servicing aspect was im really ready for the needed 6 monthly servicing if thiswas ok to do that the 6 monthly servicing what are your views on this as i needed to seek a a bit of Advice as im ready to be consulted really as needed thiswas my asking on this importand subject on 6 montly servicing for my new outboard what are the Advantages and are there was any cons on doin this was needed was to be seeking advice as needed in future thiswas really my need to learn now my friends
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