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John Spyskma who was the owner and major sponsor of the Gambler,Pro Gas jet Showtime USA blown gas hydro and Showtime USA Top Alcohol Hydro Passed away Saturday from a long battle with cancer.John won numerous championships and was a good friend.Those who had the privilage of knowning John knew his love of the sport. He will be greatly missed.
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Sorry to hear about John. Did he have one of the big Liberty tunnells (blue) that he ran as the Gambler ?

Yes we ran that boat at a few races and then moved on and John bought a hydro and started to run blown gas hydro with Bob Camping. I wiil be back up next weekend to look at the boat.

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Sad to here John was great guy. CONDOLENCES to the Spyskmas.
RIP the boat was always one of my favorites

I'm sorry to hear about John.


Sorry for the loss of Mr. Spyksma. I always enjoyed it when your team came to Waco to race in the old days!

My dad ran the put-in ramp and I drove the jon-boats that towed the boats back to the out-ramp many years ago.

Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
Thanks for all the wonderful words guys. My grandpa loved the races....I'd love to find more pictures of his boat racing days if you guys have any please pass them on to me...Steven Boschma

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about John

Thank you, all of you guys, that posted your condolences and such nice messages about John. His boating days were some of his happiest memories. He always said that the boaters were a great group. I'm so thankful for the happy memories!:)
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