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Patriot heads -pics-

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Here's some pics of the Patriot heads the second time around, with un finished seats, supposedly ready for a valve job.
Here's what I started with (after re-doing the guides). It's hard to see, but I think one of the problems on these is that the seats are installed with the tops below the floor of the chamber. The arrows show the lip around the chamber where they cut a small counterbore raduis.

This is after boring the intake throats to size and blending the chamber.

5 angle intake cut w/ bowl already blended
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We've bought a 2 pair of the small block assembled heads had to blend everything and port them also the vavle guides were way to tight. bought a bare pair and all the guides were about .070 up towards the top sent them back and got a nother set a the distributors cost.
Great article on the heads Steelcomp. Patriot also sells an assembled set of BBC heads. I am just wondering if anyone has used them and if the problems that were fixed by Steelcomp are fixed in the "assembled" ones.
The only way you will know is to disassemble them and inspect them. My guess would be in some areas yes, in others, no. Some of what I ran into on these heads may have been unique to this particulr pair, other things may be common to all. My impression of Patriot is there probably aren't two heads that come out of that shop that are the same. I would not recommend them for a ready to run set of heads.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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