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Performance Boat Candy is just about set to release two more kick ass products to add to our already popular lineup; Crystal Cut polish and Crystal Gloss wax.

Crystal Cut polish
Performance Boat Candy™ Crystal Cut™ polish uses the most ultra-refined cutting powders available to remove oxidation, swirl marks, fading, water spots, and 2000 – 3500 grit scratches. This zero dust proprietary formula offers a swirl-free perfect mirror finish in just a few passes. Crystal Cut polish is a water-based product that contains no silicone or waxes, so it’s clear coat, gel coat, and body shop safe.
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Crystal Gloss wax

Performance Boat Candy™ Crystal Gloss™ polymer wax glaze provides a long-lasting deep shine that repels water spots and micro contaminants. This acrylic blend utilizes an anti-static formula offering the highest level of UVA and UVB protection. Crystal Gloss contains advanced gloss enhancers to produce a vibrant, high-clarity result while filling in minor swirl marks and imperfections producing unmatched results.

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As you can see by the pics below, these formulas also provide that coveted "wet look" on your vehicles.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Regularity rally

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Regularity rally Porsche 911 classic

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Classic car Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Classic car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Red Classic car

*Special thanks to Inland Boats and Auto - Perris, CA for providing the vehicles in our test. Check out their huge selection of boats and accessories if you are in the area.
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