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I have been reading some talk about TV hookup's over here. So I am going to try and work a deal for anybody looking. I am a dealer for LG, Samsung,JVC,Toshiba,and Westinghouse. Let me know the TV you are looking for and I will give you guys my honest cost + $150 per TV. Now some TV's have a healthy markup so the saving's will be awesome and some TV's are almost not worth my time but I am sure there are some deals to be had.

As far as these internet companie's blasting out stuff for crazy good deals I don't know if I can compete with all of them. They sometime's sell stuff for less than I can buy it for. I don't know where they buy it from or if it has an actual manufacturer warranty or a lame "store" warranty. I can assure you everything I get for you guys has a full FACTORY warranty and is factory sealed.

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