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It all about the Numbers....

The first issue was in December 1953, selling 53,991 copies. The top-selling issue was November 1972, at 7.16 million copies. And then it saw a real decline:
1975: 5.6 million circulation
2006: 3.0 million
2013: 1.2 million
2014: 0.96 million
2015: 0.82 million

They dropped Nudity in 2016 and saw a 30% curiosity bump in sales..... but the bump was short lived and a year later they put Nudity back in.
IMO, this PC version :))ThumbsDwn:))ThumbsDwn is only another attempt and "grasping at straws" to increase sales revenues from more curiosity seekers......

My Magic Eight Ball Says: Outlook Not Good

and BTW, it was reported that Hugh Hefner just rolled over in his grave.........TWICE! :))eek:))

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I read where they had one in the mag before, but not a center fold.

So they took nudity out of it? LOL!!! That in itself is laughable!!! :yes:
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