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I need your help with something.

I have not been here much lately, but need some of your time.

Take some time to read the proposed rule changes in Montana and please make comments expressing why this should not go through. this could happen anywhere and is a door that once opened will never get closed....When is the last time you heard of rivers/lakes being "opened" fro recreational boating?....We need to take a stand, no one else will....

Thank you in advanced, and thank you Performance Boats!!!

Copied from the whitewater site;

From Biev on the Outlaw forum:

Saw this on the Mean Chicken web site. Read the link and how they start inching away.

It is a proposal to close the Clark Fork and Bitteroot to "high speed" boating. PLEASE make a comment at the following link
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks :: Region 2 Boating Regulation Rule Making Process

The following was a request by the author of this article (mean chicken web site) ...""We all need to get together on this one. There is simply no reason to close these stretches of river. The so called conflicts are a non-issue as there has not been a single incidence of a powerboater causing an accident or injury on either of those rivers.""

Please go to the link and read the proposal and comment. Very important, this is how they steal what we value a little at a time. Seems oh so reasonable, but imagine this is your local river.


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"I live in Idaho and plan to boat in Montana in this will lose my revenue if these proposed changes take place." were my final words in the comment section after voting not to support any of the proposed changes/laws.
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